Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Geography of Sabah

The western a part of territory is usually mountainous, containing the 3 highest mountains in Asian country. the foremost distinguished vary is that the Crocker range that homes many mountains of variable height from regarding one,000 metres to four,000 metres. At the peak of four,095 metres, Mount Kinabalu is that the highest mountain in South East Asia . The jungles of territory square measure classified as rainforests and host a various array of plant and animal species. Kinabalu park was inscribed as a World Heritage website in 2000 thanks to its richness in plant diversity combined with its distinctive geologic, geography, and climate.

Lying near Mount Kinabalu is Mount Tambuyukon. At a height of two,579 metres, it's the third highest peak within the country. Adjacent to the Crocker vary is that the Trus Madi vary that homes the second highest peak within the country, Mount Trus Madi, at a height of two,642 metres. There square measure lower ranges of hills extending towards the western coasts, southern plains, and also the interior or central a part of territory. These mountains and hills square measure traversed by an in depth network of stream valleys and square measure in most cases lined with dense rain forest.

The central and eastern portion of territory square measure usually lower mountain ranges and plains with occasional hills. Kinabatangan stream begins from the western ranges and snakes its manner through the central region towards the geographic area out into the Sulu ocean. it's the second longest stream in Asian country once Rejang stream at a length of 560 kilometres. The forests encompassing the stream depression conjointly contains AN array of life habitats, and is that the largest forest-covered plain in Asian country.

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